Hello Sweetheart……And Goodbye.

Hey sweetheart!! It’s Monique and I haven’t posted on here for a while . 😦 But, I’ve been checking in and I’m in love with the growth this blog is making. Sadly, I’ve… Continue reading

Growing Pains….A Story of Learning to Be Patient With My Hair

    Hey Y’all, I just need to share something that has been laying on my spirit for the last couple days. Lately, I have been obsessing I guess is the right word,… Continue reading

My Voyage to Finding My Signature TWA Style

Hey Y’all, So, I’ve been natural for a month now. In this short time, I have experimented with a lot of twa hair styles. I’ve done twist outs, fro-hawks, wash n’ goes, and… Continue reading


Hey Y’all,   Long time, no see I know!!! I have some major news, I DID MY BIG CHOP. Yes, the picture above shows all of my relaxed hair that I cut off.… Continue reading

Naptual85’s Tips on Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair.

Hey everyone! I just stumbled on this video by Naptual85 called, My Top 10 TIPS on Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair and it’s a great informational video for people who’s debating about… Continue reading

Don’t Get Discouraged.

I just wanted to take a minute and write a very quick post. I just realized that when I was doing my hair that there are a lot of products and techniques out… Continue reading

Product/Regiment Review

By: Monique As promised I’m going to review the products I use for my new hair care regiment that’s listed on my Our Hair Care Regiments and Products: Monique ❤ page. I hope… Continue reading

Twist Out Results: Fro-Hawk

I just did my new regiment for the first time and here’s the results. I love the feel and look of my hair. But, I had to work with ( never against )… Continue reading

Creating Your Best Regimen!

Creating a regimen and picking products to use in that regimen is at the heart and soul of being natural. The success of what you do as a regimen and the products used… Continue reading

Getting Started: My Price List, Monique

I wanted to start my new regiment during Spring Break so I order my bentonite clay and shea butter a week before I went home (because I didn’t find any in stores near… Continue reading